Demos, not memos*

Clay Shirky says that journalism is in a time of revolution. Yesterday, we fired the first shot.

In the manifesto we posted last week, we identified four strategies for funding journalism. These links point to demonstrations of new revenue models we developed for news companies:

* Coined by Matt Waite, creator of Politifact

We’re launched

It’s Saturday and we have started. We began the day with a quick discussion and now everyone is broken into teams working to:

  1. Build an effective advertising model for news content delivered on smart phones, such as Apple’s iPhone.
  2. Create a better CraigsList.
  3. Show newspaper-centric companies how they can better meet the advertising needs of small- and medium-sized businesses.
  4. Re-imagine the homepage and display advertising.

We’re planning to issue reports from the teams on Monday with as many prototypes as we can accomplish in a one-day sprint.

The participants today are:

  • Deborah Acosta, Miami-based free-lance journalist (University of Miami student)
  • Chris Amico, PBS NewsHour Online
  • Patrick Cooper, USA Today
  • William Couch,
  • Chris Courtney, Tribune Interactive
  • Steve Dorsey, Detroit Free Press and SND Secretary/Treasurer
  • Tyson Evans, New York Times Digital
  • Alan Jacobson, Brass Tacks Design
  • John Kondis, National Geographic Digital Media
  • David Kordalski, Cleveland Plain Dealer
  • Chris Krewson, The Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Greg Linch, Miami-based multimedia reporter (University of Miami student)
  • Wesley Lindamood,
  • Vernon Loeb, The Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Matt Mansfield,  SND President and Medill School of Journalism
  • Logan Molen, Bakersfield Californian
  • Kristen Novak,
  • Carlos Roig,
  • Eric Seidman, AARP magazine
  • Jay Small, Scripps Interactive Newspapers Group and Small Initiatives, Inc.
  • Ernie Smith, Express and ShortFormBlog
  • Mary Specht, Gannett
  • Kathleen Sullivan, Gannett
  • Patrick Thornton,
  • Yuri Victor, Gannett
  • Kris Viesselman, National Geographic
  • Jon Wile, The Washington Post
  • Chrys Wu, Washington Post Digital
  • Kaitlin Yarnell, National Geographic

All participants are here at their own expense and their views don’t necessarily represent the views of their organizations.

AdAge supports rev2oh classified strategy

adage-logo_011Marketers should deploy a combination of search and display ads to drive sales, in the same way that time has shown that trade promotion and TV buys can work together to boost a brand’s presence — and bottom line — according to Hernan Lopez, president of .Fox Networks and COO of Fox International Channels. “It’s still early days when it comes to online advertising, and I’m convinced the opportunities in display are still largely untapped,” Lopez writes in Advertising Age.

Revenuetwopointzero also plans to combine search results and display ads.

Inquirer’s Vernon Loeb joins rev2oh

vernon_loeb_01Vernon Loeb is deputy managing editor/news at The Philadelphia Inquirer, where he was a reporter earlier in his career. Before returning to Philadelphia, he was Metro investigations editor at the Los Angeles Times and a defense reporter at The Washington Post. Says Loeb: “Journalist are the most creative and resourceful people in the newspaper business so they must be involved in the quest for new business models, otherwise the quest will fail. Saving newspapers, with emphasis on the word news and not necessarily paper, is critical to the American democracy.”

SND joins effort to create new revenue models

Next weekend, the Society for News Design will be part of a day-long event in Washington aimed at helping the struggling newspaper industry find revenue solutions in a few key areas. The belief is that design thinking can help frame the issue because those of us used to conceptualizing can make a fast round of prototypes that will help spur further discussion and point to better practices. Along with Steve Dorsey, the Society’s secretary/treasurer, I’ll be part of the team that’s aiming for answers. We’re not foolish enough to believe we can fix things in one day, but we know the path to progress starts with a first step. See complete story.

Bakersfield VP to “liveScribe” on March 21

logan_01Logan Molen, VP/Interactive Media at The Bakersfield Californian, has agreed to liveScribe from Washington, D.C. on March 21 as we begin our work to create new revenue models. On Saturday, you can follow his posts on Twitter @ rev2oh.

Society for News Design President Matt Mansfield conducted an interview with Molen, which began with this question and answer:

Mansfield: What’s your interest in the project?

Molen: Like many in the news industry, finding sustainable revenue streams is top of mind. I have my own ideas that I think have merit, but the best ideas come out of group brainstorming. I like that there’s a sense of a clean slate with this group’s mission and that there’s a tight sense of mission, in that there’s a goal to have results within a day or two.

Click to read the entire interview, which provides an illuminating look at the challenges we face from the perspective of someone responsible for solutions.